Precision Medicine
Genome based decisions for
psychiatric conditions
Why should you opt for genomic testing?

Knowledge of genetic underpinnings of mental health disorders is advancing rapidly and may substantially alter the way these disorders are classified and treated. Individual genes have been shown to be associated with risk of psychiatric disorders and specific aspects of psychiatric drug treatment such as drug metabolism, treatment response and increased risk of side effects.

Treatment of psychiatric disorders is characterized by relatively high rates of inadequate response to medications, helping to make informed decisions for a wide variety of individual and combination of medications in order to achieve optimal response.

Benefits of the test

  • Effective treatment decisions, how genes react to psychiatric medications reducing adverse drug events (ADEs) and trial-and-error drug selection
  • Includes medications used in the treatment of Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar disorder and other psychiatric conditions
  • Helps in titrating patient's dose
  • Information about patient's predicted responses to psychiatric medications are presented in an easy to interpret report