Precision Medicine
Diabetes & Obesity
Current and future risk assessment via genomic testing
Why should you opt for genomic testing?

Obesity is not based on single gene defects. It is a polygenic issue. Genomic testing enables the understanding of the functioning of these multiple genes. Obesity increases the risk of several diseases, one of the major ones being diabetes.

Diabetes is a chronic disorder of glucose metabolism and is a major cause of diseases such as heart disease and end-stage renal disease. Genetic testing can confirm diabetes as well as help in planning the clinical course of the condition. It helps in identification of the genes that may play a role in disease development or progression.

There are a number of genetic defects which may lead to additional complications in a person already suffering from diabetes. Genetic testing will also assist in identification of such defects and in turn prevent or reduce the impact of those complications.

How do we do it?

Personome’s diabetes and obesity tests analyze genes responsible for diabetes, weight loss ability as well as food utilization. We use latest molecular analysis technologies to analyze a patient's unique genetic make-up which include the defects which may be responsible for obesity and diabetes. This helps gain knowledge about how your disease will respond to certain therapeutic treatments.

Our high throughput methods along with integrated evidence based data, clinical and drug data makes a comprehensive and reliable report that helps your physician generate a personalized treatment plan.