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Oncology Knowledgebase
Extensive, reliable, oncology based correlations
Oncology Knowledgebase

Our Oncology Knowledgebase is the definitive resource for oncology focused physicians, researchers, clinicians for their genomic and clinical data requirements. It is a comprehensive oncology knowledgebase suite for the interpretation of complex genomic profiles for clinical researchers and oncologists.

Rapid generation of high volumes of unstructured data in the genomic and clinical oncology domain poses a problem for scientists in analyzing genomic information. Personome solves this problem by providing data in a structured format, relying on our expertise in manual scientific data curation and cutting-edge text mining approaches.

Personome’s Oncology Knowledgebase comprises of three modules which provide complex correlations between genomic variants, oncology drugs, cancer types and clinical trials:

VARIANT Database
The Variant Database comprises of expert curated data from scientific publications, to provide complex correlations between genomic alterations, cancer types, and therapies.
DRUG Database
The Drug Database comprises of curated information for Approved and Investigational Oncology Drugs and covers Phases of Drug Development, Molecular Targets, Mechanism of Action and Marketing Approval Information.
The Clinical Trial Database comprises of curated data for ongoing cancer clinical trials from clinical trial registries. It helps to find relevant clinical trials for cancer patients, based on their genomic profile and cancer type.
Our Oncology Knowledgebase features:
  • Extensively Indexed and Expert Curated Genomic and Clinical Oncology Data
  • Use of standard ontologies and vocabularies
  • Personalized and Flexible Licensing Options
  • Periodically Updated to reflect Latest Information
  • Can be Integrated into your Analysis Pipeline for Variant Interpretation and Reporting