Data Science
Harmonizing Unstructured Data
Structured, comprehensive insightful data
Harmonizing Unstructured Data

Personome offers a wide range of data curation services. We curate scientific data from diverse public and proprietary datasets; genomic, experimental and otherwise. Through a comprehensive review of the scientific literature, we structure the unstructured data.

In a nutshell, our team of experts generate, manage, correlate and structure data in order to provide insight driven information.

Data Extraction
We carry out several manual and automated steps to extract data from published literature, public databases and other scientific documents in order to organize it in a structured format and maximize its accessibility and comparability. The unparalleled data curation and processing by Personome leads to insight driven information for its customers.
Data Indexing and Reindexing
Personome carries out data indexing which makes the data easily and rapidly searchable. Indexing helps streamline the data management and implementation through targeted data acquisition.
Data reindexing is also carried out for updating the database dictionaries whenever required.
Data Annotation
Personome adds comprehensive metadata to increase the value and usability of the information for its users. Annotation is carried out by integrating data from several sources, providing an in-depth knowledge of the intended analysis.
Ontology Building
We build our own gene, drug and disease ontologies reflecting the interrelationships and interactions for data driven decision making.
Data Harmonization
After integrating data from various heterogeneous sources, Personome harmonizes them in order to create unambiguous correlated information.